Nona Bag Company Diaper Bags Founders Tammy Woeppel Bea Talplacido GauvinFrom the beginning of our journey, Nona has maintained a passion and commitment to select only high-quality materials and partner with suppliers who share our ethical principles or have sustainable initiatives. We proudly donate a portion of our sales to The Children's Defense Fund, an amazing organization that is committed to improving children's lives through education, healthcare, and community. 

The name Nona has roots in Roman mythology, as the name of the Roman Goddess of Pregnancy and the Latin word for the number “9," symbolic of the nine months of pregnancy. 

NONA was created by Co-founders Tammy and Bea who met in 2008 while working together in New York City’s fashion industry. A company-wide layoff caused things to unravel - and the two made some life-changing decisions: a marriage for Tammy, a child for Bea, and relocation to separate western New York suburbs. Their days suddenly scarcely resembled the countless creative and crazed ones they spent immersed in New York City’s fashion scene.

On an ordinary day in 2011, Tammy found herself painstakingly unsuccessful in her hunt for a functional and fashionable diaper bag for her pregnant sister. She suddenly realized her next move and immediately contacted Bea. The two set out to create a line of beautiful and functional baby bags and soon, Nona was “born.”