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NONA 9: Noteworthy Links for March

By Bea Gauvin

1. When my kid tells me he's bored, my first suggestion is always to write in his journal. We're super in love with the beautiful ceremony of keeping a journal or sketchbook. I can't wait to bring him to the Brooklyn Art Library to check out The Sketchbook Project's incredible collection of over 36,000 sketchbooks. In the meantime, I'll enjoy digitally visiting them here. And also participating in their Canvas Project

2. Can't help but feel a little nostalgic seeing these photos of stunning Kaia Gerber looking just like her legendary super model mama, Cindy Crawford at the Chanel Fall Winter 2018 runway show for Paris Fashion Week. 

3. Speaking of being beautiful like her mother, we are super feeling Selah Marley's beauty diary being a knock out nod to her mama, Lauryn Hill.
4. This article in Vogue talks about what it feels like to begin motherhood in your 40's
5. Congrats to fashion muse mamas Leandra Mcohen founder of Man Repeller and Tina Marie Clark on their newest sweet babes. 
6. Knocking out this reading list compiled by The New York Times of remarkable books by women is total #goals. 
7. We are all devastated by the recent mass shooting in a Parkland, Florida school, and as parents, it's not hard to worry about the safety of our children. Here's a good list of resources that educate, support or advocate for gun safety
8. Cuddling is a favorite activity of ours and is actually good for you.
9. Hoda Kotb's adoption story can be enjoyed in book form or via Kelly Clarkson's amazing vocal stylings

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NONA 9: Noteworthy Links

By Bea Gauvin

Hey friends,

Here are 9 noteworthy things we'd like to share with you:

1. Melting and loving and all the feels over Brandi Carlile singing this beautiful song for her daughter.

2. You may have seen or even chuckled at a few videos circling the socials of kids and their conversations with Alexa gone totally wrong. I can't lie-- my kiddo hears me ask her about the weather every morning as well as ask her to play music while I prepare dinner. But I guess lately, it seems he's been asking her a lot of his own questions, and it made me think to reread this article I read before Alexa started spending so much time with us.  

3. I could probably read a thousand parenting books and still wonder on a daily basis if I'm doing this whole mom thing right. With that said, I've heard good things about Child Psychologist, Alison Gopnik, shattering our myths about "good parenting", and I'm excited to add The Gardener and The Carpenter to my reading list. 

4. I could definitely make a list of things I wish someone would have told me about motherhood before it happened. Man Repeller gets real on what no one tells you about having a baby.

5. We've got a major mom crush on Jessica Wang and all of her fashion perfection. 

6. New York Fashion Week is still a good source for street style inspo and legendary New York style icon Sarah Jessica Parker is possibly even more inspiring today when she talks about mom life and the struggles that come with it on Girlboss Radio with Sophia Amoruso

7. RIP John Perry Barlow. His list of useful tips is exactly the kind of thing I like to display for my kid to see, or pretty much any breathing human for that matter. 

8. I think we'd all like to raise happy, healthy, mindful children. The Headspace app is a cool way to introduce them to meditation, and here are three ways you can teach your child to be more mindful

9. So many cool movies and tv shows to watch and so little time. I have a watch list ready to go, because I don't like to waste a single moment browsing titles on the rare occasion a free moment finds me. I'd love to get inspired by these earth focused documentaries, but I'm pretty into shows of the binge-worthy variety as well. I'm eagerly awaiting Season 3 of Better Things and also recently enjoyed watching SMILF. The main characters on both shows are moms so I found myself relating to their situations in one or another and totally rooting them on. 

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